Thursday, November 17, 2011


This is when it gets really bad.  This is when I lose my focus the most, when going to the kitchen to fill my son's cup with orange juice morphs into a search for a hospital bill or a trip to the garden to pull weeds.  This is when I spend more time on my computer, more time on my phone, all of it doing nothing important while my son plays with cars in the next room.  This is when I scold myself the most for being distracted, for getting discouraged, for feeling tired, for losing patience.  It is worse now, as I lose the cushioning structure of hormones and fall head-on into mid-life PMS.

To prove it's not all in my brain, I found many articles on the subject online (and we all know, if it's online, it's true).  This one seems legitimate:

Currently, I'm not doing anything to combat the symptoms.  I'm not on any ADD medication because when I tried two different types it felt like a bullet train was trying to escape my chest cavity.  I'm also not eating great (Chips Ahoy count as a vegetable, right?) and although I've thought about exercising twice this week (!) I still haven't gotten as far as putting on my jogging shoes.  But, I do plan to make changes: exercise, healthier food choices, meditation, yoga.  These will be incremental because I resist change. However, I believe these changes will help my mood, the ADD, and the PMS.

Couldn't hurt.