Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surfing U.S. Oy

My plan for today: rest and read.  Not sure how many friends know I suffer with Crohn's Disease, but there you have it, I do.  And when I'm down in the gut, chances are other parts of my body start screaming to just shut it down.  Take a break.  My shoulders or back ache.  Maybe a migraine shows up, just for fun.  My newest enemies are my feet.  Too much holiday standing and walking, I guess.  Today, I gave in.  Sent the husband and kiddos to the Science Center without me.  On the one hand, this saddens me.  I fear my kids will remember their childhood, but not their mom being a participant in any of the fun.  On the other hand, the house is quiet and I can relax.

What I actually did today: prowled the internets for paying jobs.  Nothing says sad like wasting an afternoon looking at help wanteds, even if accompanied by good tea in a strong mug.  I've tried propping my feet, but then I have to do advanced yoga poses to reach my plugged-in computer.  So, instead of the book and bed routine, I've succumbed to extreme distraction of the most depressing variety.  No, I don't seem to qualify for the elephant handler position at the zoo (although it sounds fascinating) and while I do qualify for part-time writing instructor position at one of my alma maters, I'd make more money working at a gas station after all of the hours it requires.

Moral of today's story: fight the net-surfing urge and just curl up with a decent book.  My feet might still ache at the end of such a day, but I bet I'd escape the severe brain fuzzies I now have from scouring the interwebby HR drop-downs.