Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance With Your Distractions; Rock Your Message

I love this post from Sarah Wagner Yost. As someone with ADD up the whazoo, you won't be surprised that this was my path to her post:

1. Woke up, checked Facebook on my phone.
2. Saw a post from my friend, Lynn, about Crazy, Sexy, Life.
3. Noted to myself, "Hey, I love that Kris Carr, the Crazy, Sexy, Life woman.
4. Noted to myself, "I better read Crazy, Sexy, Cancer and get it back to Debby after two years of borrowing."
5. Kept Facebook and link to web page up on my phone for two hours.
6. Got kids ready and took one of them to school while husband took other.
7. Had a cup of coffee.
8. Went back to bed for an hour.
9. Showered and thought about a job interview I may or may not get.
10. Noticed tornado sirens going off outside.
11. Made some toast.
12. Lured dog into basement with said toast.
13. Checked my phone and yep, we are having tornado sirens.
14. Answered an email.
15. Listened to message from Dad.
16. Oh, yeah, that Facebook post.
17. Comment on friend's post about Carrie Brownstein.
18. Reblog the shiny, happy message.
19. Ta-da!
20. Ooh, shiny . . .

Dance With Your Distractions; Rock Your Message

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