Thursday, January 5, 2012


Have you noticed my badge?  Look over to the sidebar, to the right of where you are currently reading.  See it?  The cute one with the typewriter that says "Change Write Now."  This is a challenge I am participating in as a New Year's resolution-y experiment.  A grad school friend of mine - and young adult author extraordinaire, Corrine Jackson - set up this challenge with two friends, connecting women across the states who want to eat better, exercise more and generally live a healthier life.  Change Write Now operates on a point system, but not nearly as strict as Weight Watchers.  Plus there is room for flexibility.  I can do whatever exercise I please, so long as I do something for 20 minutes every day.  The key is checking in with my teammates daily for support and accountability.  So far, I've not done great with exercise and have indulged in sweets more than I should, but I am consuming vats of water like I have never done before.  64 ounces is the daily recommendation for adults.  I've nearly made it, topping out at 52 ounces.  This is oceans of water more than the splash before bedtime I used to drink.  Plus, it's cutting down my coffee intake.  I usually don't stick to routines (as the ADD adult is likely to do), especially ones that force me to change my sedentary lifestyle, but I made a binder with the rules and have been keeping track of my daily habits on a spreadsheet that Cory provided.

Check out the link.  Why not start something like this yourself with a group of friends?