Monday, February 6, 2012


(I'm reposting this because my fab friend Lynn just posted the article from that I was trying to find.  I'll add the link below.)

I'm a connector.  Apparently that's a thing now.  I read an article recently that compares networking to connecting.  (If anyone knows this article, please direct me to it because my Googling efforts failed.)  Bottom line, connectors bring people together for the greater good.  Networkers are motivated more by personal gain.  At least that's how I read it.  I think my connecting propensity is the most impulsive thing I do.  I can't not connect.  Here's a for instance:  when I go to the movies, I see a face I recognize on screen and immediately have to tell my husband or friend sitting next to me all of the other movies or television shows this person has appeared in, and as what character.  Another for instance:  I know friend A is a carpenter looking for work; I meet new friend B, who owns a contracting business; I offer to introduce A and B via email and Facebook.  The second example is really more for the common good than the first because I'm not sure knowing Ian McKellan played both Gandolph and the retired actor in Gods and Monsters and the title role in Richard III is going to put anyone to work.

Facebook has been a great tool for connecting people together for the greater good.  At times.  Of course, it also promises to reconnect old boyfriends with dumped girlfriends.  Overall, I think connecting is a good thing.  And that is why I have joined the Louisville TimeBank.  This organization is pooling people in our community to exchange services as volunteers.  We will all be paid in Time Dollars.  So, if I tutor someone's daughter for an hour, I earn a Time Dollar with which I can purchase a yoga class from another TimeBanker or maybe plumbing services or yard work or a ride to the airport.  It's not exactly an I'll scratch your back situation because it's not a one-to-one exchange, but the message is similar. And I really like how it builds connectedness in the community.

I have scheduled my first exchange through the TimeBank and am very excited and hopeful!  Next week a Personal Concierge (or professional organizer) will be coming over to spend three hours helping my de-ADDle-fy my home as best she can.  So far, my Time earnings are coming from grant research (not much yet) and hopefully some grant writing for the organization proper.

Here's hoping more of you will join the TimeBank effort.  I'll report back on the organizing exchange.

P.S. Two side notes:
1.  I just wrote an essay about puzzles, connections, writing and teaching, so this idea has been on the brain.  It's called "Only Connect," a quote from E.M. Forster, a favorite author of mine.  It is in draft form so no, you can't read it unless you want to help me revise it.
2.  I am writing an article for The Paper about the Louisville TimeBank for their March issue.  Stay tuned.