Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Road Trip + ADD = Rescue Dog

We were all exhausted.  My husband, the two kids and me.  Rick had driven 10 hours to DC for us to attend my cousin's daughter's wedding and then just three days later, turned around and headed back home.  The kids were so sleepy from playing with their buddy (we stayed at our friend First Laura's house and her 10-year-old son is like a rock star to my kids) and Smithsonian-ing and visiting with aunts and uncles that they didn't even want to watch movies on the travel DVD player.  They didn't want to talk.  They didn't even want to complain.  I kept drifting in and out of sleep, listening to the same damned Adele songs over and over as my daughter crankily controlled the music selections on her iPod.  It was a beautiful afternoon - some cloud coverage in the mountains, a little rain in spots, but mostly blue skies and green hills.  When we hit West Virginia, the trip was half over but felt like it would never end, just a steady bobbing up and down hills of highway.

"What was that?!" My husband was alarmed.  Having not noticed the brown bear road kill on the way up, I was not surprised that I missed whatever he saw, assuming it was another bear or possibly a kangaroo.  I'm not very observant.

"That was a puppy!"  He careened off the road onto the shoulder of I-64, jumped out of the van and took off running the direction from which we just came.

Bleary, I hopped out of the car and watched him go, one foot in the van to keep an eye on the kids . . . who were freaking out!  Fiona started crying, "I just want him to come back," and Toby mock-cried because his sister and father were both stealing his thunder and terrifying him. "I'm scared too," he said, forcing himself to tear up a little.

"If Daddy really did see a puppy, then we have a new pet!" I said, reassuring them and myself.  We had talked about wanting another dog as a companion for our 7 year old St. Bernard mix, Lucy.  We also decided it would be too much work.  As I waited for Rick to head back along the curve of interstate, I started worrying too.  Was he safe?  Would a semi hit him? Was this a trick and was he now being dragged into the woods?  A minute later, I saw my tall husband round the bend with something black cradled in his arms.  A bear? Possibly a kangaroo?

"If Daddy really did see a puppy, then we have a new pet!" 
I said, reassuring them and myself.

A smile broke out on my face.  It was a puppy!  A tiny black and tan bundle.  I reached out for her and showed her to the kids.  "Can we keep her?"  "Yes, of course."  She had been dumped on the side of the highway with an open bag of dog food and some sealed chew bones.  "What kind of person does this?" I texted First Laura.  "A monster with a lot of guilt?" she answered.

Since we found the puppy outside of Charleston, WV the kids have decided to name her Charlie.  We think she may be a Schnauzer.  The vet says she's perfectly healthy.

I'm thankful for my husband's ADD.  He noticed a tiny black and tan furball on the side of I-64 and now we have a new member of the family, Charlie our rescue dog.

Fifi with Charlie, the rescue dog