Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Do Less

Did you come out to The Writer's Block Festival?  I hope so.  If you didn't you missed some good conversations, great people, inspiring readings -- I feel like a schoolgirl, OMG, Anis Mojgani, I heart heart you.  That's right, double heart.

I bolstered my nerves and even sat on a blog panel (shivering with illness, so who knows what pearls of wisdom I imparted) and read an unfinished, unpublished essay about shoes.  It was dope.  I.  Am. White.

Moving right along, this is another nut job week in Casa de ADD.  My eight-year-old has been invited to perform with The Dance Theatre of Harlem.  Yes, this is a BFD and yes, I realize she, like me, is also white.  How long has she been rehearsing, you ask?  Negative one day.  Rehearsals start tomorrow, go for three days, then dress rehearsals and two shows this weekend.  Because, who needs rest, right?  I'm attempting to jumpstart her homework (which, coincidentally, is a poster/paper project entitled, "Got Talent?") so we don't end up in tears later this week.  All of this scheduling is hard.  Hard for the typical parent.  Harder for the ADD parent (who is also sick with multiple maladies thanks to overdoing it last weekend.  This should work out great!).  I actually collected 44 student papers yesterday and said to myself while smiling at each student's face, "I'm not reading these.  Ever."

I keep thinking, if I can just make it to next weekend . . .

And then 5 squillion new invitations and obligations arise.

My motto for the new year, because I need to have a goal and that's just far enough away that I'm not sabotaging myself: Do less and enjoy what I do.

What about you?  What do you do when you get overwhelmed with your life?  Your kids' schedules? Your spouse's anger at the dog trainer that leads to subversively whispering to your puppy to "fight the power"?  Do you look ahead and make resolutions or pacts with God?  Do you scribble down hopes in a journal or vent to a friend? Do you start making martinis at 2PM?

I think I will just repeat my mantra until I either accomplish it or go crazy with repetition.

And to leave you with a smile, Anis Mojgani: