Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I wish you a puppy Christmas

My husband and I were living in DC when the Twin Towers were hit and I recall that when The Daily Show came back on the air a week later, all Jon Stewart could muster for his monologue was holding a puppy and sharing that cuddly golden bundle with his viewers.  I connect with this strategy. Puppies cure everything. My gracious gift to you this holiday season is the gift of my ridiculous puppy musings.  While my entire family has been sick with crud that oozes from every orifice, while I recover from a busy and exhausting semester, and while my puppy - Charleston the Terror - recovers from being spayed (because we are NOT having more of her), I have taken solace in all things puppy. To be fair and equitable (like you do) I want to pass on this puppy glee.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukka, Joyous Kwanza, A Delightful Devali, and Glorious Ramadan.

Charlie is a tiny dog.  Not what I'm used to.  Lucy is our 7-year-old St. Bernard.  That's what I'm used to.  Charlie is so going to shiver this winter.  Dogs in sweaters are a bit cutesy for my taste (not judging if that's your thang), but dogs in kooky sweaters . . . where is my credit card amazon.com?
Monster Puppy
Sock Puppy with hoodie ears to cover real ears
            Punk Rock Puppy

While Charlie has been recuperating, we've needed to keep her sequestered from Lucy: puppy jail.  At night after my family has gone to bed with various illnesses, I have been letting the puppy out into the house for bonding with me and Downton Abbey.  (We went through the entire first season in one week flat.)  I now wake looking forward to our couch time with the Dowager.  I'm totally channeling my college penchant for Merchant/Ivory Edwardian costume dramas.  With this in mind, the following image was a Christmas present for me and Charlie from icanhazcheeseburger.com.

Correct: The Dowton Abbey cast . . . as dogs 

Another bit of puppy joy that my entire family has been buzzing on for days (read: play it again, play it again!) is this piece of goodness:

Bookmark that baby for when you're feeling blue on a cold and gray winter day.

From the bottom of my puppy-lovin' heart, Happy Holidays!