Monday, December 17, 2012

Just a few words of little consequence

I've been trying to write a post in my head all weekend, but still am not sure what to say. My silence has been both situational (one child in Nutcracker productions back-to-back; the other child up all night sick; and my own body giving up on me, sending me to my specialist) and self-imposed. I honestly am not sure how to add to the national dialogue about the Sandyhook Elementary massacre, nor am I by any means a voice of authority on grief, gun control, or mental health. I'm just a mom who feels overwhelmed like the rest of you moms, dads, human beings. The best I can do is say I grieve for Newtown, my dreams are haunted and I worry a little more than usual when I send my kids to school. I've always been a staunch advocate for gun control and I do think this IS the time to address it. When Joe Scarborough publicly denounces his own pro-gun record because of Newtown, I have hope that the climate can change.

Peace to all who mourn.

And for levity, I promise soon - in celebration of hitting 21 followers (most of whom I personally know and love) - to post a middle school drawing of Steve Perry.