Friday, December 7, 2012

Keep them doggies movin'. Rawhide!

I admit it.  I placate my dogs with rawhide.  Perhaps this isn't a capital offense (if I were one of my students I'd say "in society today."  For some reason, college freshmen think that makes them sound authoritative.).  Pet stores sell raw hide by the truckloads in all shapes, sizes and well, body parts.  When I took my son with me to buy the dogs new and crazy expensive protein-rich food (because they have allergies and I wasn't going to save for my kids' college education anyway), he picked up a raw hide that was taller than him.  Nearly as tall as me.  Granted, he is only three feet tall and I'm only five feet, but still.



My dog trainer, Andrea, isn't a huge fan of rawhide because it doesn't digest easily and some dogs can bite off big hunks and choke.  There are products that resemble rawhides that are 100% pig skin - yep, that's how it's advertised and having pets IS this glamorous.  My dogs LURVED it, but they are more expensive and not available at Kroger, where I lazily throw a pack of rawhide in my cart and move on.
My dogs loved the pig skin thiiiiiiiiisssssss much

Charlie, our terror, ahem terrier, has been super destructo lately.  It's colder, we are insanely busy and she's not getting walks or outside time like she should.  Yesterday, she destroyed her bed.  At least it was her bed and not any of the human beds in the house.  She yanked it by the teeth until she bit a hole in it and pulled out all of the stuffing.  In the immortal words of Monty Python, it is an ex-dog bed. 

In order to keep her crazy a little under wrap, and to make Lucy, my big dog - or as the rest of my family call her, our good dog - happy, I gave them both small rawhides this morning while getting ready.  Lucy demurely held her chew bone and ate it like a normal dog.  Charlie looked more like this. 

Where Charlie is the kid in black and the chew bone is the other kid in black.

In fairness, that rawhide had it coming.

This is where my blog goes when the semester ends and I'm done grading.  Get used to it.  I'm not teaching next semester!

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  1. So excited! Our sweet Max had to have his stomach pumped one time because of rawhide, God rest his tiny little soul, so the girls dont get it anymore. But Lola has an Elk antler (sold at Feeder's Supply) which has literally lasted her voracious chewing for 3 months. I saw the $13 price tag and was all, "Bitch, please." But the salesperson swore by it, so I sucked it up and got one for the lovely and spoiled Lolabear. 3 months later and that thing is still going strong. And they come in "Jumbo Dog size," otherwise known as a Moose antler all the way down to "tiny dog size," which I can only imagine was harvested from a jackalope.

    1. Just bought a deer and an elk antler. ON FREAKIN' SALE!!!

  2. Uh-oh.. . so I probably shouldn't by rawhide for my grandparent's dog now... Thank you for possibly saving the poor dog's life. I had absolutely no idea.

    Passing by from Nested and extending an invitation:
    We're having a linkup this weekend and would be honored if you joined:

    1. Hi Larissa. I'll certainly try to catch up with your linkup. It's a busy weekend in Nutcrackerland (my daughter is performing), so I can't make promises, but I WILL visit your blog.

      Thanks for swinging by from Nested. That Kate is pure gold.

  3. thank you amy for writing something i'm smart enough to comment on! here on the farm our dogs bring home their own rawhide - emphasis on the raw. a couple of weeks ago birdie, the bloodhound, showed up with most of the back end of a moose. it was quite meaty and i said to her "birdie baby, were those hunters finished with that"

    for the last couple of days they have been packing around parts of a deer, whom we have affectionately called allan.

  4. Bev, I'm assuming you live in the tundra. That is truly terrifying. My kids think of moose as those lovable critters from such books as If You Give A Moose A Muffin and Looking For A Moose (my daughter went through a moose phase at age 3). I'm not sure what the kids would do if our dogs brought home a moose butt, or Allan.

    In other news, I adore bloodhounds! That's what my husband fantasizes is the ideal dog.

  5. dear amy, i don't live on the tundra but we do put the rural in rural, alberta. because we farm the children are rather used to animals in all their natural states.

    birdie, the bloodhound, is a lovely dog. she is huge and weighs over a 100 lbs. she spent most of the summer in a cast after having her toes broken by one of the horses. she does wander about the countryside and drags home the oddest things, besides moose bits. she brought a toster home one day and another a tiny stuffed pink monkey.

  6. Bev,
    I live in Kentucky so Alberta is like the North Pole to me.

    I think my Lucy would be fast friends with Birdie the Bloodhound. She's 110 pounds of unmanageable walking power and as docile as a Bambi. Poor Birdie toes. I hope she has healed. Let me know if you have photos of her on your blog so I can drool over her drooly face.


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