Monday, December 10, 2012

Pile and piles and piles and . . .

Generally speaking, I can measure how acute my ADD is by the number of piles situated around my house.  Last Friday I believe I counted 14 separate piles.  As of today, some of those piles have melded together forming a mega or monster pile, which eventually will become sentient and eat my head. 
Where is that delicious head?!

Pretty much every room in the house has a pile or two or four hundred and seventeen.  Lest you think I'm exaggerating, I will provide photographic evidence.

This is what happens when my teaching semester ends, but my student semester continues

Even my freezer has piles.
Fancy some smushed bread with that frozen turkey burger?

And my laundry.
Clearly, this is the winner.  (That's CLEAN laundry on top of the appliances!)

My piles are breeding.  IT'S AN EPIDEMIC!

I wish I could offer a solution for those of you who are nodding your heads and saying, "That's me!  That's my house and my life, too!" but sadly, the only solution I see ahead of me is plowing through each pile, one-by-one as time allows, while the house is empty of everyone besides me and the dogs (who often provide me with piles of their own).  As I wade through each stack, I will inevitably shake my head and vow never to let things get this out of hand again.  Then I will move the laundry pile on my bed to the dresser in order to sleep and the cycle will not end.

I often wonder where this stacking habit originated.  If memory serves me, I had piles in my bedroom as a teenager - mostly to frustrate my OCD mother.  No one else in my family has this bad habit.  Then again, by the time I was a teenager, all of my siblings were in grad school, married, and/or living on their own in pile-free houses and apartments.  Even my ADD times fifty husband gets irritated with my stacks.  He wants to rid the house of paper.  I agree to an extent.  Some memories are paper memories (ticket stubs and programs and kids' artwork).  Some important documents are also paper (insurance claims, checks, immunization records). 

I know, I know, I could scan them and keep them electronically organized, but guess what?  My computer hard drive is maxed out with piles of crap too.

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