Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't stop believing

Well, you helped me reach my goal, friends!  25 READERS!!

And because I like to honor my promises, here is the drawring I said I would post when I reached
25 READERS.  Ladies and, well let's be honest, ladies, I present to you my 1982 sketch of Journey.  You're welcome.

I over-worked Neal's eye a little, but I think it makes him look intense

And a bonus on this momentous occasion, my 8th-11th grade sketch pad:

Why I couldn't afford a new sketch pad over 4 years, I cannot answer

In case you cannot read what I wrote on the cover, I apparently needed to list my favorite bands so I wouldn't forget.  This is what I wrote:

The Cars, Squeeze
The Thompson Twins
Cyndi Lauper
Human League
Tears For Fears
Nina - German group (99 luftballons)

Don Henley
The Cars (?)
INXS (?)
Bruce Springsteen
The Big Chill soundtrack

Yes, I just admitted that Foreigner produced my 16-year-old theme song.  (Soul dying a little)

For my next challenge, I'm going to make it harder.  If I can garner another 25 followers - that's 50 total math-challenged readers whom I love and don't judge - I'll post a later piece of art from my Duran Duran era that will expose why I have ADD.

Some of my friends have asked, "But how do I follow?"  It's easy, gentle readers.  Here's how you do it.

Look at the right hand side of my blog and you'll see the word "Followers" under which is a button that reads "Join this site."  Click on this button.  Viola (or "Walla!" as my daughter likes to say), you've followed me.  Thanks so much!

Wasn't that easy?


  1. You. Are. Amazing.

    And you figured out screen shots! And have a pretty new background! AND BUTTONS! And I have your drawing and theme song. I'm so very happy. And I will do all I can to get you to 50.

    Now can we please talk BlogHer? :-)

    1. You get me to 50 and I'm your bitch.

  2. Congratulations on the reader goal. And on your drawing skills. Sadly, I'm still stuck in stick figure mode with my sketching. But here's to Tears for Fears, flipped up collars and pegged jeans.

    1. Thanks, Julie. I've been challenged by a friend/reader to draw Aimee Mann from the Til Tuesday era. I will begin on this very soon. I also have one of Boy George, but that may take me to reader #100!

  3. well great job on the drawing, their eyes are very piercing. i feel them following me. i feel so old. my band list would include elo and the commodores. i wish i were going to blog her i would like to see the sketch book and flip through it at my leisure. you rock.

  4. i have been reading your essays and your older blog. it's really lovely, sad and honest. i suffered a lot of miscarriages and after 15 years i was able to carry my lovely daughter, amy to term. we were also blessed to adopt another girl, angie. xx

    1. I wish you were going to Blog Her, too, Bev (athough, honestly I haven't committed yet and Kate is about to virtually smack my behind for dragging out the decision).

      ELO doesn't pre-date Journey by that much. They both had really boring videos on MTV. The Commodores on the hand . . . (kidding).

      Thanks for reading my essays. I'm so sorry you struggled with miscarriages, but glad to know you have two wonderful daughters. I never took for granted that pregnancy would happen nor be easy.

      So tell me, do you take all of those amazing photos on your blog and are they really your mother?

    2. Commit to me, already! I'll drive, I don't take up much space, I'm loyal, and I will be ruthless with our self-promotion so that we can get invites to all the good parties. Plus, the Bloggess will be there.

      Bev, you should come, too. We'll have a girls weekend of it: you, me, Amy, and Chris.

    3. I verbally commit to you, Kate. Happy?
      Now, where can I find $99 to register and another $$$ for the hotel?

    4. Student loans? I'm saving up from now until then because I'm so po.

    5. I'll see if I can sock away my writing salary. It might buy us candy bars for nourishment. But, yeah, I'm in. Just need to officially register. Let's talk by message or email to work out the details!!

  5. ah, the photo. some i buy from various sources, some i steal and alter them the way i think they should look. a few of the photos i took with my phone but there are no pics of my mom. but the last lady was close look alike.

    1. You have found some amazing photos.


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