Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't stop believing

Well, you helped me reach my goal, friends!  25 READERS!!

And because I like to honor my promises, here is the drawring I said I would post when I reached
25 READERS.  Ladies and, well let's be honest, ladies, I present to you my 1982 sketch of Journey.  You're welcome.

I over-worked Neal's eye a little, but I think it makes him look intense

And a bonus on this momentous occasion, my 8th-11th grade sketch pad:

Why I couldn't afford a new sketch pad over 4 years, I cannot answer

In case you cannot read what I wrote on the cover, I apparently needed to list my favorite bands so I wouldn't forget.  This is what I wrote:

The Cars, Squeeze
The Thompson Twins
Cyndi Lauper
Human League
Tears For Fears
Nina - German group (99 luftballons)

Don Henley
The Cars (?)
INXS (?)
Bruce Springsteen
The Big Chill soundtrack

Yes, I just admitted that Foreigner produced my 16-year-old theme song.  (Soul dying a little)

For my next challenge, I'm going to make it harder.  If I can garner another 25 followers - that's 50 total math-challenged readers whom I love and don't judge - I'll post a later piece of art from my Duran Duran era that will expose why I have ADD.

Some of my friends have asked, "But how do I follow?"  It's easy, gentle readers.  Here's how you do it.

Look at the right hand side of my blog and you'll see the word "Followers" under which is a button that reads "Join this site."  Click on this button.  Viola (or "Walla!" as my daughter likes to say), you've followed me.  Thanks so much!

Wasn't that easy?