Thursday, January 10, 2013

Morning routines are for suckers (or why you should put googly eyes on everything and listen to The Cars)

A lot of weirdness, mostly contributed by me, happened this morning as I helped get the kids ready for school:

1.  I issued the first ever "Potty Award" in order to motivate and encourage my son to go to the bathroom independently. (Side note: he's 5 and fully capable of doing this business on his own, he's just reverting a little because he doesn't want to go to school after a long break of watching Clone Wars for hours every morning).  (Side note numeral dos: my husband seemed disappointed to learn that I was issuing Potty Awards and expressed his consternation with an, "I didn't know we had Potty Awards" pout from the shower.)  This was a virtual award, by the way.  No goods nor services were exchanged for good potty etiquette.
2.  This rabbi started drinking my coffee while I helped Toby get dressed.  
Seriously, Dude, not cool
3.  I realized that my family may, in fact, be the only family that listens to and watches the weirdo show of the band The Aquabats.  This will give you a sense of what I mean:

4.  I suggested to my daughter that The Aquabats aren't very good superheroes.  They always get turned into donuts or zombies.  She said that's what she likes about them.)
5.  My husband suggested that his new Cookie Monster pajama pants were indeed as sexy as his shirt.
6.  I suggested that I had to have on my watermelon slippers on order for me to match the sexy.
7.  I was informed that I just killed the mood.
8.  My son slumped down the steps one at a time with his arms spread to touch both walls so that I was completely blocked from passing him (thus killing more time before he had to put on his coat).
9.  And my daughter got dressed, went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, went downstairs and informed my husband that he did not have time to make lunch because they were going to be late. 
10.  I realized she's really the mom of the house.

After the kids and the huz left the building, I checked Facebook and found two wonderful things that set the tenor for the day:

1. Yesterday, I commented on my friend James's photo of Edith from Dowton Abbey with googly eyes, saying something on the order of, "Wow, you can put googly eyes on anything and it's funny."  This morning, James put googly eyes on me.
Bravo, James
 2.  My friend Megan posted a link to the A.V. Club Undercover.  First off, if you don't know anything about this series and you like music - especially 80's music - pause and open a new tab right now!  The Huz and I enjoy this series so much it makes the happy pour from our eyes like Skittles.  The premise is that the staff from the A.V. Club (part of The Onion, if that helps shed a little light on the awesome) contrived a list of cover songs then they invite bands into this tiny round studio to a.) choose a song from the list (if a song has already been covered, it's crossed off and they cannot choose that one) and b.) perform the song in the tiny room.  They film the tiny room concert and then the band signs the walls.  This is now turning into a long #2, but bear with me because the payoff is fab.  So, Megan posted the tiny room concert of Chris Thille's band The Punch Brothers covering (swoon) The Cars.  Oh shut up already.  Here it is:

And if you thought that was just what you needed (it had to be done, people) check out Polyphonic Spree (who the Huz and I think are the happiest band on the planet) covering Neil Young: (sorry no YouTube link and Blogger apparently demands that, so just click on this linkydink).

Ooh, ooh and They Might Be Giants doing Chumbawumba (no shit!):

I am now resisting the urge to wax philosophic about 80s music (even though Chumbawumba aren't technically 80s but definitely have that 80s hook and vapidity), but don't think I won't in the future.  Which reminds me, I reached over 20 followers and I believe I owe you guys a drawring of Steve Perry, circa 1982.
unintended bleed through actually works, don'tcha think?
I drew that in a San Francisco hotel bathroom while my parents snored in the bedroom keeping me awake.  I think I was around 14 and desperately searched the streets for signs of my beloved Journey shopping at Fisherman's Wharf, but I was denied.

My new challenge: I'm at 23 followers (thank you!) now.  If I can make it to 30 (because I like to set reachable goals), I will post a picture of Journey, the entire band, from the teen angst series.  What the hell are you waiting for?!  Follow now!


  1. Amy,

    What an awesome post to read when I should be editing!

    Love the googly eyes.

    You rock!

  2. Thanks, Drema friend. I can't wait to hear all of the amazing stuff you're going to read this summer! Congrats on your recent accolades. Well deserved.

  3. I love this post for several reasons:
    1. I love that you have a plush rabbi.
    2. I love that you have watermelon slippers
    3. I love that you, too, are accused of killing the mood.
    4. I love The Punch Brothers with abandon.
    5. Effin' Steve Perry!!!

    So help me God, if I have to single-handedly pimp you to 7 more people, I WILL see that Journey drawing.

    1. Kate,
      1. You are single-handedly already my biggest pimp. Thank you.
      2. I like that you responded to my list in list form.
      3. The plush rabbi sings Havva Na Gila (which, might I add, my son who doesn't speak Yiddish - go figure - believes actually is the following song: "I need a Papa. I need a Papa. I need a Papa. Oh pizza pants."
      4. My dad, who we call Papa and who gave my kids the singing plush rabbi, is endlessly amused by this reinterpretation.
      5. I'm not sure what pizza pants are, but if they're anything like the pizza pillow in "Sleepwalk With Me" I must have some.
      6. What? You haven't watched "Sleepwalk With Me"? Rent it now! Free on Netflix.

  4. While I am a faithful reader, I have not subscribed. But, because you gave me They Might Be Giants AND Chumbawumba (who I once danced to early on a Sunday morning while drinking larger and cider at a club called Church in London when I was young) at the same time (and possibly because I am tired because Eli has given up naps), I will try to figure out this technology that is called “subscribing” and see what happens.....

    1. You won't regret your decision, Bridget. Journey fans across the globe thank you. Also, where was Church? I think I danced there too (to Yaz).

  5. I like your drawing! I never got that creative when my parents snored and kept me awake. I smothered my head with a pillow and wished I was anywhere else instead! You're way cooler than I am. :)

    Make it 24 followers.... keep setting those goals and reach for them, but don't ever let them define you. There's a learning curve, especially at the start.

  6. Karen,
    Welcome and thank you! You're #25, actually.

    Yeah, I used to draw away my mania. Now, obviously,

    Thanks for finding me.

  7. wow, i've never heard of anything that you're watching.

    i bought my husband a new t-shirt that says "it's all fun and games until somebody loses a nut" and i regret to say he does not look sexy in it.

    i like your artwork, especially the hands - they show his passion.

    you rock

    1. Bev,
      I think our husbands would enjoy t-shirt shopping together.


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