Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My daughter is a slave driver and blog design trevails

Quicky post on a busy day during a crazy week in a napping house, where everyone is sleeping.  Oops, wrong book.

Hello Wednesday, whatcha knowin'?

Here's what I need to tell you today:  it kinda sucks to have two ADD parents when you want to get to school on time. 

I think my daughter - who is almost 9 - is overcompensating for our flaws and foibles.  The Huz is calling her our family manager.  Case in point #1: yesterday morning, said almost-9-year-old approached the foot of my bed, where I was snuggled in with my 5-year-old (the Huz had already gotten up), fully dressed and announced, "You need to get up.  It's time."  Case in point #2: Said almost-9-year-old fussed at her little brother to get his winter coat on this morning. At 8:00.  The Huz hadn't showered yet and they had a half hour to leave.

I'm thrilled that someone in the family is organized, don't get me wrong.  Just give me a cup of coffee before you start hustling me through my day.  Or five.  Better make that five cups of really strong java.

In other news, I keep messing with my blog design.  Sorry.  I'm looking to keep it simple and not too cutesy.  Since I have no design experience other than saying, "Oooh, that's pretty!" it took me all freakin' day to make that header you see peaking over the top of this post.  Yep.  I'm a fast study.  If any of you lovelies have suggestions for making this redesign process less of a bear for someone who clearly has some latent OCD issues, fess up!  I found a few online classes and tutorials and may resort to one of those.  I did have a background and header up for part of the day, yesterday, from Shabby Blogs, but it was way too peppy for my surly personality.  I will say this, however: Shabby Blogs led me to FotoFlexer and PicMonkey, both of which were awesome for the Photoshop-impaired blogger newbie. 

I'd love to hear what fellow bloggers have to say about blog design and/or any of these services.

Happy Hump Day!  I'm off to volunteer in my son's kindergarten class.  Better finish cup # 17.