Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is not how I thought I would die

Hi there, Chicken Little writing to you from the Gateway to the South.

Remember when I was hiding from roofers who were soliciting door-to-door in my neighborhood?  Well, I finally hired a contractor!  Due to moist weather conditions, the following is what happened after that momentous decision:
  • I had to wait until after the holidays for the roofers to schedule (no biggie).
  • Roof materials delivered, including an enormous dumpster in front of my house (I get it; shingles have to go somewhere).
  • It rained.
  • It rained some more.
  • The roofers came (hooray!) and sloughed off part of the roof.
  • The roofers took a lunch break.
  • The roofers never came back.
  • It sleeted.
  • And snowed.
  • With half of my roof torn off.
  • The roofers returned (hooray again!).
  • The roofers stood in a circle in my yard for an hour.
  • The roofers left.
  • I still had a shovel on the dormer next to my bedroom window.
  • The roofers returned (this morning!) and threatened to cave in my ceiling while I took a shower.
I know it's noisy work, but honestly, there was some major banging and shaking going on right above my head in the bathroom.  This is not how I thought I would die.

Remember when I flashed the tree guy outside my bathroom window?  Well, I now am nervous about getting out of the shower or getting dressed . . .  in my second floor bathroom.  There's a reason only the lower half is frosted glass - because no one will ever see into the top half.  Unless you're me.  And it happens twice in one year.  No, I didn't flash the roofers, but I dressed back turned to the window, huddling beneath my towel.  Fool me once, ya know.

In other news, I have blog buttons!!!  Check them out.  Right at the top of the sidebar.  (Now if Kate at Nested could show me how to make a screen shot with arrows, this could be a tutorial.)  And . . . they work!  Hazaa.  I'm a blogging genius.

Actually, I followed two great tutorials that I will share with you because everyone deserves pretty buttons.  The most helpful one is from Sew Many Ways.  The second one is specific to adding an email button, which you will find at JoJo & Eloise.

That's all I got.  I'm off for a coffee date followed by a lunch date followed by a playdate/coffee chat followed by a meeting about neighborhood burglaries because I like to keep it real after a day of being Lady Grantham.
My husband says she always looks like she just smelled a turd.  He's classy.