Thursday, February 7, 2013

The OCD in me

Did you notice that I'm still tooling around with my header?  Why?  Because I'm slightly OCD, apparently.  This is what I do instead of sleep.  And when I try to sleep, it's what's on my mind.  Basically, it was a problem and I'm a problem solving kinda nut.  When I couldn't get the banner to stretch across the entire blog, I set out to make it work.  I also was only half-hearted on the last attempt and I love an excuse to play with PicMonkey. 

What's PicMonkey, you say?  Rabbit hole, dear readers, rabbit hole.

PicMonkey is Photoshop for the poor and impatient.  Want to add text to a photo or put your head on someone else's body but don't want to go about "learning" how to do it with an expensive program like Photoshop?  PicMonkey is your friend.  Another good one is Fotoflexor.

I also received virtual help with layout from The Capital Carley, who has a tutorial that is to-the-point and easy to follow.  I found the free fonts at Kevin & Amanda who, by the way, will convert your own handwriting into fonts . . . for free!  No shizzle.  If you feel so inclined, you can leave a Pay Pal donation.  I'm totally doing this because one of my secret dreams is to design silly cards for friends and family.

In other news, this happened this morning:

Peace at last (or at least no biting in the face)

So, things are looking up in ADD-ville.

Now I'm going to take myself off-line to focus on the rest of my life because guess what, I haven't opened that Organize Now! book since January 1 and it sits on top of my clutter mocking me.

Must you mock me so blatantly?

Please give me feedback on the header.  Not just praise.  I'm tough.  I can take criticism.  As Jemaine Clement says,

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