Friday, February 1, 2013

This is the post wherein I talk myself off the ledge

This is the post where my puppy bites my almost-six-year-old (whose birthday is tomorrow and having his first-ever sleepover) in the face.

This is also the post where the Huz hands me the puppy with a grimace and tells me to put her "somewhere" and that she isn't the right breed for our family.

This is also the post where I contact my trainer and she recommends a private session with her for $125 (which she'll reduce to $100).

This is post where I isolate the puppy in a gated room and she barks incessantly during my almost-six-year-old's first-ever sleepover.

This is the mother who is trying to keep calm and carry on, but really wants to throw a puppy out the window.

This is the mother who soothed her almost-six-year-old son with an ice pack and cuddles and determined that he was only bruised.

This is the mother whose daughter was bitten in the face by a dog as a baby.

Both dogs were terriers.

This is the post where I breathe in, notice my kids and friends are engrossed in video games while I click away on my lap top.

This is the post where I decide I don't care if we're all dominated by technology because the puppy is finally quiet and I didn't throw her out the window.

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