Monday, March 4, 2013

Just a little catching up

The week started off with writing inspiration which petered out after I wrote an article about paper hats and attempted to write and rewrite a scholarship statement of intent (for a writing conference) while my kids were home from school and had a double play date.  Because I enjoy making my brains explode and asking my husband to clean up the mess.

So, yeah, I had a great time with Kate from Nested and our dear friend Omar, who was in town to present a paper at a literary conference last weekend.  We talked writing for hours over sushi and ice cream (which in retrospect was a terrible combination).  I left feeling slightly allergic from the lactose and totally inspired to write more, revise better, and start applying for conferences.  One week later: I applied to a conference, am gearing up for the big guns writer's conference (AWP in Boston, y'all!), signed on to do the ads and program for our local writing festival next fall (year two for me), and am full-on sick with a cold.  Apparently, I am allergic to writing.

Image: Corbis

All of this should explain my absence last week, right?  Allergic?  Writing about paper hats? (Seriously, I'll share that when it's printed.)  Actually, the kids were off all week and it's just darn hard to concentrate, what with the needing things like food and clothes and bathing.  I can't say this week will be much better with me at AWP for three days.  I WILL come back rejuvenated, however, and full of incredible insights, and perhaps a hangover.

Oh, oh, oh thought I'd also let you lovelies know that I'm quickly approaching my goal of 50 followers!!  Thank you loyal friends who have so graciously whored me out on your blogs and social networks and interwebbings and welcome new friends to my ADDled life.  What do y'all get when I reach 50 followers?  More of my high school drawings, of course.  This time you will notice that ADD set in by 10th grade.  And I deeply fell into New Wave British pop.  Find me three more followers and you shall see . . .