Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SOS: It's not what you think

After a year of stalling and hemming and hawing and yessing then noing, I've made a decision: I've enrolled in Shiny Object School (SOS).  Judging by the name of my blog and the name of this academy, I'm guessing I don't need to spell out what this endeavor is about, but for those of you who haven't had your eighth cuppa, let me enlighten you.  Shiny Object School is a virtual, self-guided ADD coaching brainchild of Sarah Wagner Yost, a hilarious life coach.  How hilarious?  Well, I signed up for her email newsletter a year ago based on the name alone: Better Than Valium.  She also has blog posts with titles such as "How To Win A Fight With A 4 Year Old" and "How Not To Be Embarrassment's Bitch."  I love this woman even though she is but whispy magic on my computer screen.

I have been down the therapy route.  I've tried medications that made my heart feel like the bullet train.  And I'm tired of feeling angry/grumpy/depressed/frustrated/annoyed/disgusted with myself for not accomplishing all that I want, for getting sidetracked or just giving up.  SOS may not be a panacea for ADD, but Ms. Yost offers her own story as proof that you can make peace with yourself and move forward.  She also claims to be able to cut straight through to the heart of what's gumming up the works and promises to help you make changes at lightening speed.  I don't often fall for voodoo or magic pills, but something about SOS caught hold of me a year ago and I have to listen to that.

Why am I telling you this?  Because you're coming along for the ride, dear readers!  I'll let you know what my plan is, what wisdom I learn along the way, and whether I think SOS is a good fit for the likes of you, too.  Once I get acclimated I will share and make this a weekly feature of the blog for the short time I am enrolled (6 weeks).

Until then, stay focused.

Or pin a bunch a things.  It's your party.