Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My small secret revealed

After a week of Bev pestering me about a baby shower, let me set the record straight.  No, my big news isn't that I am pregnant.  And ha ha, Bev.

And just to prove it, here's the big news:  my blog post about not wanting to be pregnant ever again has been published by the incredibly awesome Offbeat Families (which you should really peruse around for an entire day)!

You can't see it, but I appreciate that my post is nestled between ads for maternity clothing

Ta Da.

Now you may go back to Googling photos of dogs with reading glasses.

This one looks like my dog Charlie, only drunker.

This one isn't wearing glasses, but that would've made it funnier.

Dog photos courtesy of Buzzfeed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/babymantis/25-dogs-that-love-reading-1opu