Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You are my blog award, my only blog award . . .

I'm just rousing from my chocolate egg induced coma, just having my second cup of coffee.  The house is quiet because the kids are at their grandparents.  All is calm, all is bright.  So, I'm not fully prepared to respond to the delightful news that my hilarious virtual friend, Bev over at Black Ink Paperie, (also known as my bloggy muse) nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  This amuses me on two counts: 1. I'm known more for my snark than my sunshine and 2.) so is Bev.

Here's a little about the award:
“The Sunshine Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers. The receivers of the Sunshine Award are bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”

And now for the part that my friend Kristina loves: I have to share 7 facts about myself.  No offense, Bev, but I kinda hate this part.  I am truly honored that I bring sunshine to your already bright and sunny life, but I share quite a lot of warts with y'all.  Some bloggers (one of whom I plan to nominate) play loose with these rules and I appreciate that kind of rebel mindset.  I, however, will try to play fair and keep it brief.

1.  I was so set on loving the underdog as a kid that I had a crush on Anson Williams from Happy Days.  For those of you too young to recognize that name, does "Potsi" mean anything to you?

2. I have never owned a bikini in my adult (or teenage) life, but I did used to go to the pool (as a teenager) in shorts and a baggy t-shirt.

3. My love for funny men knows no bounds.  I'm looking at you Paul Rudd.

4. The first occupation I considered fit for me as a child was Queen.  Second choice: Ballerina.  Third choice: Waitress.  At least I achieved one of them.

5. I've officially become an old fogey because for the first time in my life I'm casting aspersions on language.  As a writer, I should be open to neologisms, but no.  I want to strangle tiny animals when I read LOL.  I don't mean to offend my gentle readership who brandish their texts, emails, facebook status/comments/messages, tweets, and blogs with LOLs, but can we agree that this abbreviation is freakin' overused?!  Is everything laugh-out-loud worthy?  I find that most funny things deserve a chortle at best.  So, please, for my sanity, send me a giggle every now and then.  Or even better, don't comment with what you are physically doing at the time.  I don't need the constant affirmation.  I'm secure with my funny.  And while you're at it, get off my lawn!

6. My late mother was a bargain hunter.  Whenever she would go clothes shopping, she had to lay out her purchases and marvel at them.  Anyone who was home at the time was invited to marvel alongside her.  When my siblings came home from college for breaks, they too were invited to marvel.  I now do this to my family.

7. My bubbie used to let me help her bake when I was little.  By help, of course, I mean that she would pour powdered sugar onto a paper towel and allow me to lap it up like a diabetic hound.  

Is that enough for you?  Hope so.  It's all you're getting. 

Now onto to nominations.  Since Bev nominated several that I planned to nominate, I - oh hell, I'm going to nominate them anyway.  They can just deal with the adoration:

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