Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthdays & poetry

Hello ADDled readers!

Yes, I'm finally back from vacation; however, I leave tomorrow for my MFA residency . . . in Ireland!!!  I know, rough life.  If this helps at all, I'm in debt up to my earlobes so really I'm just having desert first.

Rather than catching you up on ADDled goes to the beach, I'm giving you a special BIRTHDAY EDITION of ADDled (because, as of today I am officially at the mid-point of my life).  What does this mean, you may or may not ask?  Well, it's actually a cop-out post.  I have a children's poem posted on my sister's blog, Kid's Imagination Train, which was inspired by my son's picture at the top of the page.  So click on over if you like.

See, not exactly a copy out. Happy Birthday, Everyone!!

I'll probably be out for the count until mid-July, but I promise to share purdy pictures from bonny Ireland.