Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BlogHer '13, you're not ready for my brand of awkward

This is definitely my summer of travel.  First the River Teeth Nonfiction Conference in Ohio, then Florida with the fam, jetsetting to Ireland with my MFA peeps, and now - only one week back home - I'm roadtripping to Chicago with the sassiest blogger in the 'sphere (that's what the young people call it, right?), Ms. Kate at Nested.  Whyfore the trip to Chicago, you ask?  How is it that your loyal and hardworking husband is not divorcing you, you also may ask?  Well, I'm heading to the 2013 BlogHer Conference as a "newbie" blogger and attendee.  Kate, Jennifer over at Defining My Happy, and I prefer to call ourselves "virgins" and if we expand the crowd even more to Kate, Jennifer, Chris at Life Your Way, and Cindy at Everyday Underwear, I'm calling us The Blogfest Club.

I can't answer why my husband stays married to me.  He's kind of an agnostic saint.

Okay, so we've established that this will be my first BlogHer Conference.  What is BlogHer and why are they having a conference and who cares, you may ever so rudely inquire?  BlogHer is an aggregator blog site for women bloggers who want community and a bigger readership.  The annual conference brings thousands of blogging ladies together for an estrogenfest to learn about marketing, technical skills (SEO, Wordpress), pitching, and networking among other panels, workshops, keynotes, and dance parties.  I'm both excited and keeping calm, carrying on, and whatnot.  I've been to two AWP (Association of Writing Professionals) conferences so I know the madness that awaits me and my kooky crew.  I also have heard that some women are freaking out over what shoes to bring so they can have a cute shoe-off or something.  Me, I'm tempted to bring my vibram five-fingers, some ratty t-shirts and sweatpants.  I'm so not about the cute shoe-off.  Oh, I have cute shoes, they just are orthopedic.

Look out BlogHer, I've got Vibram mary janes and I'm not afraid to wear them!

Here's what's going to happen this weekend:

  • Kate, Jennifer, and I will be posting our before and after posts (consider this the before post).
  • If we get a break or skip lunch one day, we'll publish a during post.
  • We will take photos and possibly put them on Instagram (LitMama12, if you're so inclined) and Twitter (AmyMMiller1), maybe Facebook (ADDled).
  • Kate will be making us a nifty "BlogHer Virgin" badge for our blogs.  Why?  Because she is awesome.
  • We will be tired and goofy and overwhelmed and manic, so the blogging will be quite possibly insane.
  • We will meet friendly and interesting people.
  • We will ogle Queen Latifa at the Voices of the Year banquet.
  • I will also ogle MacArthur "genius" Fellowship, Majora Carter, because I'm a nerd and really admire her.
Here's NOT what's going to happen this weekend:
  • Participating in a cute shoe-off.
  • Talking about the royal birth.  (Sorry, don't care.)
  • Talking about politics.  (Probably best not to piss people off then hand them my business card.)
  • Schmoozing. (I refuse.)
  • Streaking.  (I'm going to leave this as more of a maybe.)
Okay, BlogHer, show me what you got.

Bring it!


  1. Freakin' honored as hell to be part of the Blogfest Club! And I CANNOT even wait to meet you live and in Person!

    1. Can't wait to meet you, back! Tonight, baby, tonight! Sadly, the buttons have not arrived yet. Here's hoping Mr. Mailman brings a package before Kate drives me away!

  2. Have fun, Amy!!! Keep those girlies in line, and keep us all posted! I'm aching to hear how your virginal Blogher experience goes :)

    1. Aching? No comment. Will do, Anna. It's going to be madness.

  3. Oh you all are going to have so much crazy fun! Stay just under the radar of the local cops and enjoy!

    1. Oh Julie, just grab a plane ticket and come already! Wish you were going to be there, but you know Kate, Chris and I will be reporting back. Thanks!

  4. This sounds awesome! I hope you bring back lots of knowledge to the KY!

    1. You bet, Liz. Next year, you, me and Kate will have a kickass carpool.

  5. Hope you have lots of fun Amy! I can't wait to read all the posts about it.


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