Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Celebratin'

What are you doing to celebrate Labor Day, this final (not really) day of summer, this extraordinary long weekend awkwardly smushed into the back-to-school week?

So far, I've had a lovely time not checking Facebook or Twitter, listening to my kids laugh, buying happy adoption day presents for Charles the Terror (yes, it HAS been a year), partying in a gazebo during a monsoon (and wishing for a waterproof Snuggie), eating sushi and having fun with one of my besties, First Laura, and yeah, I'll include it, going to The Louisville Zombie Walk with the whole fam.  But more on that in a coming post.

That's called a tease, in case you were wondering.

On this actual Labor Day holiday, the whole ADDled family is heading to the pool for a final whang-dang.  I actually feel nostalgic about this.  (I say this as if incredulous because I don't really like to swim.)

The pool is such a part of our neighborhood and represents so much of what I love about my town: socializing with every person you've ever known since birth (yesterday I ran into people I worked with in my 20s, moms from my kids' preschool, my high school chemistry teacher, my grad school methodology professor, a close friend from middle/high school, the daughter of a fourth grade teacher at my school, my daughter's 3-year-old preschool teacher, and my husband's work cohort), cooling off in a gorgeous quarry oasis, and watching all of the kids - friends of my kids - who grow get lankier and more mature each time I see them - splashing and diving and carousing.

If happiness were a place, it would be Lakeside Swim Club.  (And by the way, that's not a country club, it's a neighborhood pool that requires membership.  Just average folks floatin' on rafts and eating snack bar pizza.)

Here's a few moments of my summer.  Kiss kiss.  I'll miss you, summer.

So, seriously, what are you doing to celebrate Labor Day?