Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Submissions needed for ADDled's guest blog series: My ADD Rocks!

Reminder: Submit your ADD stories for my guest blog series:

My ADD Rocks!

This can be a story about you, your dad, your son, daughter, pet hamster, whatever so long as it is a positive look at ADD.  I know that ADD can be crazy frustrating, but it can also be a positive attribute. Many creative people and entrepreneurs credit having ADD to their success.  ADDled just wants to dispel the myth that having ADD means you are impaired.

Help dispel that myth.  

Send your stories to  Please put in the subject line My ADD Rocks!

Spread the word!


  1. Carter's submitting. Poor lamb just started his new job this week and has, therefore, been a bit distracted. But he wants to submit, and I'll remind him tonight.

    1. Aww, poor guy. No worries. Imploring people with ADD to submit something in a timely manner is self-defeating. I'll just keep badgering, when I remember.


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