Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guest Post Reminder: Send me your writing!

It occurred to me that I may have self-sabotaged when I decided to establish a guest post series on an Attention Deficit blog.  All of the people who have indicated they would love to contribute -- have promised to write up a story, anecdote, or micro essay -- all of these beautiful people, all of YOU beautiful people, have ADD.  What was I expecting?  I couldn't have asked for a more distracted group of contributors.

But, I'm not here to shame you or them.  I get it.  Writing for my series is something that is easy to forget.  It is also one of those priorities that can easily shift to the bottom of the list.  After all, no one will die if you forget to write or submit your writing to me.  No one will suffer or go hungry.  No one will go without medicine.

I will say that I still very much would like to read what you have to say about how ADD has improved your life, how ADD makes you the awesome person you are today.  Whenever you have time, or remember.  I still love you.  Promise.

Now, get to freakin' work, people!

Oh, Hyperbole and a Half, you make me smile