Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year

Happy New Year!!!!

Okay, Happy January 9th, Party Poopers.

How is your 2014 looking thus far, dear readers?  If my 2014 follows in the tiny footsteps of the first 9 days of the month, I am in deep doo doo.

I'm hitting the Dove hard today, people.
Let me just preface matters by saying, my family is healthy (relatively), I'm healthy (again with the relatively), we have a house, the heater is working even though it makes fingers-on-the-chalkboard screeches when it flicks on, nothing is terribly wrong.

There, now may I continue?

So far, all 9 days of January have been marred by technical glitches.  So far to date (since New Year's Day) I've had:

2 bodily malfunctions
2 prescription drug malfunctions
1 insurance malfunction, which continued back and forth over the phone for 5 hours (beginning with
   a wake-up call at 8:00 a.m.)
1 car malfunction (due to the extreme frigid temps)
1 grad school malfunction (just settled, thank you baby Moses!)
1 series of tubes (Internet) malfunction - code word: GOOGLESUCKS
6 app malfunctions
20 dietary malfunctions (you saw the photo above, right?)

Truth is, I've been tied to every one of my computer screens for two days straight because I couldn't make things work.  At one point I had my laptop and my iPad open and was scrolling, simultaneously, through my smart phone.  This is not healthy behavior for the ADD.  This is not healthy behavior period.

Writing I have been able to do.  Word processing is pretty straightforward.  Designing pretty pictures on the cheap with apps I've never used before on an iPad, not so easy.  Also not easy, Google's warning that I needed to update my administrative settings or lose my blog in 2 weeks.  Receiving an email warning that my blog may be shut down is fine, but for the love of Yoko Ono walk me through the process, nerds!  I spent the better part of yesterday and today chasing my virtual tail trying to fix this problem and claim my domain.  And I claimed it, baby.  Domain, consider yourself claimed.  By me.

To this latter problem my wholehearted thanks go to Ms. Ashley Rose who provided me the human service help that Google apparently refuses for its free services.  If you are a paying business customer, you will receive the equivalent of First Class travel concierge services.  Would you like a mint while we set up your new password?  Well, this bloggy freeloader had to research the data, piece together the clues, and call for help on Facebook to get my administrative rights back.  Consider this a warning if you own a custom domain via Blogger.  Your time will come.  And you will have to pay.  (Actually, I'm pretty sure the service is still free, but lord did take some time and a lot of screaming to get results.)  If any of you would like me to post a tutorial on how to conquer your Google Apps, let me know in the comments.  I'll do it, just for you.

Apart from the multiple malfunctions, I really did have a lovely holiday break.  My family must have watched over 1,000 hours of movies (side note: Holy cheese grits, my son just discovered the Ice Age franchise and we have had to suffer through each and every one of those movies, each sequel a good 15-point drop on the Rotten Tomatometer.  The good news is, I'm holding Ice Age 4: Electric Boogaloo hostage.  My son has to follow through on being cooperative every day or I push back the day he gets to see it.  Cruel?  Maybe.  But effective!).  I've clocked in an entire season of Dr. Who, with which I am completely obsessed.  I've read 1 1/2 books (and started a few more that I'm not far enough into to mention).  I saw several lovely friends and ate good food and napped a few times, too.

But I'm ready to get back to work.  Back to writing.  Back to blogging (which, technically, is writing).  Back to making heathen crafts.  Back to my studies.  Back to running the kids all over town.  Back.

And while I don't typically make resolutions anymore because after I tried to write an entire blog about keeping a resolution a month, I just don't need that kind of pressure, I do have a few goals to share:

Create more
Save more money
Spend less money
Be in the moment
Yoga (isn't that everyone's perennial New Year's requirement?)

I hope you had a festive holiday and New Year.  What good things happened?  What's coming down the pike?  Any malfunctions you need to share?  Any goals for the year?  Let's support each other before I dive back into that bag of chocolate.


  1. dearest, its so lovely to see you back here. i cannot tell you the number of times i've checked and said to myself - "self, we sure would like a bit of amy" i mean that in the literary sense.

    what do you make?? please tell me. i've tried to work out what it might be by your pins. but i can't.
    happy new year.

  2. Hi Amy,'re off to a rather difficult start! I did not know all that about blogger and Google. What the heck? That sounds way too complicated for me. I do the freebie on WordPress, and it's been pretty easy over the years....
    What good things happened? Well, we made it back from a trip from seeing family in CA. I'm still alive and kicking, in spite of my teenagers. I am so ready for the cold weather to move out of here....I am frozen all them time!

    1. Debby,
      You are so wonderful about responding to my silly posts. Thank you. I get overwhelmed with screen time and check out for weeks and am sorry to not be more present on your blog. How do you write so often? What's the secret? You amaze me.

      It has been frigid in KY but in TX? That's some cold front!

      Happy New Year. I hope it's the beginning of a successful and happy year for you.


    2. Haha. I feel same way! I don't write nearly as often as I want to/should! And I usually post and then don't check back for a while....So little time, so many things to do!

      Your post is not silly! You have a very conversational tone. You are easy to read!

      Texas is better now. Not so cold! Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. Oh Bev,
    I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you back here (and thanks for nudge). I gave in to the holiday chaos, surrendering my blog time along with my sanity.

    Promise to check in more in 2014. Also, promise to read your and many other dear one's blog and be a part of the community again.

    As for my craft endeavors: sorry, I'll reveal more when I actually have more than one piece finished.

    Happy New Year to you, as well. Heading over to your blog in a sec.


    1. come on, couldn't you email me a pic or a clue?? you show me yours and i'll show you mine

    2. While I certainly want to see yours, I stand by my decision. I have made a new banner, though. Maybe you can give me feedback soon!

  4. So sorry about the malfunctions, Amy. But I was delighted to see there were no wardrobe malfunctions. Things are looking up! Plus, we get to workshop together in PRAGUE! 2014 is looking like a bang-up year. Best of luck with your craftiness!

  5. Thank you, dear Anna.

    I'm feeling rather sad that I'm the only workshop member not heading to AWP. I hates missing out. That said, our workshop is going to rock! So excited.

    I promise to be a better member of my blog community in 2014. Thanks for stopping by.


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