Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Overcommitting or Committing Oneself: Organization Dilemmas for the Chronically ADD

Having ADD is kind of like being an out-of-control magician: you never know what you're going to pull out of the brain.  Most days, I can wake and know immediately if I am going to accomplish items on my to-do list or not, but every morning is a surprise.  I can definitely count on days closest to my period being a catastrophic mess - there is definitely a link between hormonal shifts and focus.  I talk more about that here.

But what do you do if you have a massive number of projects to finish and you're in the midst of a full-on ADD brain fog?  Seriously, that's a question.  What do you do?

I've been trying to keep my calendar in front of me at all times, along with two pens, a notebook, a scratch pad, my phone, a glass of water (because organization is dehydrating) and any notes that are necessary to keep me in task.  Right now, I am helping organize an annual fundraiser for my children's school that requires a lot of coordinating with my co-chair and various teachers.  It involves a lot of dates, paperwork, and announcements.  I am also writing a bio for my father-in-law for an awards banquet, arranging to teach a community writing workshop, defending my graduate thesis and reading a friend's thesis for her defense, planning a major trip for the summer, writing articles for the freelance gig, submitting essays to contests, revising work for my last graduate packet, dealing with a medical issue, and just about losing what is left of my crumbling mind.

I've had multiple requests to meet for coffee, meet for tea, scheme a business plan, give blogging advice, help with a community project, and volunteer at school and ballet.  Some of those meetings I even instigated!  With March a week away, I also have to start planning for spring break and summer camps.

Last week I told my husband I needed a raise . . . from his paycheck.

This week, I think I just need to hire a personal assistant and give him or her my raise . . . from my husband's paycheck.

With March right around the corner, at least I have spring on the horizon.  Here's how I know for certain: I heard birds singing yesterday, all of the snow and ice outside my front windows has melted, I saw young athletes convening in the park last night, it's just a teensy bit light at 6 PM, and my spring headaches are beginning to ring behind my eyes.

I think my first step at clearing the brain cobwebs will be to take a short walk down the street, breath in the clean air, and look for bulbs beginning to sprout.

We're all so busy and over-committed, even those of us lucky enough to "work" from home.  How do you juggle it all?