Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Organizing a boy's closet with felt baskets

For some parents, organizing their kids' rooms is a joy to match no other.  Or, at least, that's what their Pinterest profiles suggest.  Have you ever seen so many matchy-match rooms full of sweetness and whimsy?
I admit I'm a Pinterest fan and have a board or 20 devoted to home decor and organizing, but I do try to keep the boards realistic.  I am never going to build a castle in my daughter's room and put her bed and stuffed animals inside.  Not going to happen, so why bother pinning it?

I can buy matching baskets to make the clutter look less . . . cluttery, though.  And I did!

A few months ago a friend sacrificed her Sunday morning to help me declutter my son's room.  We were ruthless and threw out a ton of stuff, repurposed containers and shoved LEGOs and action figures into them, put them on his closet shelf and claimed victory.  I guess I have a weird touch of perfectionism mixed into my attention deficit personality because the mismatched containers nagged at me.
Target to the rescue.  As usual.  I may love Target as much as Pinterest.  I may also need an intervention for both of these attractions.

I had been eyeing these cute felted baskets for months.


Every time I wandered past them, I'd pick them up, look at the price, have a serious conversation with myself about them not being on the list and how I need to stick to the list, smile at passers-by when they stared at the crazy lady arguing with herself about baskets, then place them back on the display shelf and move on to the paper craft aisle where I would argue with myself about decorative craft scissors.

The last couple of visits to Target, I noticed that the felt baskets had that lovely red sale sticker on the tag.  I fondled them longer, but still decided to wait and see if they would be marked down any more.  I shopped the dollar aisles, but really didn't want to buy cheap plastic or cardboard baskets.  Besides, none of them looked right for a boy's room.

My last visit to Target I picked up the felted baskets and they had been marked down to less than $2 each.  Boo-yah!  I plopped 3 of those babies in my basket.  No arguments necessary.


So, here is what my son's closet looks like now.

I think a touch of aesthetics can make organizing less tedious, don't you?

Or am I rationalizing my bad Target habit?