Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I've been distracted . . .

I've been distracted lately.  Okay, distraction is a permanent state for me, but lately it has been worse.  You see, next week I leave on a two-and-a-half week trip to three countries.  Oh yeah, and I'm graduating from my MFA program.  And . . . taking a pedagogy workshop that is proving to be quite demanding of my time and brain power.  In preparation for this trip and my graduation I've needed to read 3 books, 32 pages of fairy tales (for a lecture of Germanic tradition and the Grimm Brothers), and the original drafts of 5 peers.  For the peers I have needed to read their work 3 times each, provide marginal notes, and summary comments.  I've prepared a 30 minute graduation lecture and a 20 minutes reading from my thesis.  I've also prepared a 40 minute lesson on a genre that I didn't study and a 40 minute workshop plan to lead discussion on a genre I know even less about!

And my kids are not in camp, so I'm doing all of this while they play with friends or dance in front of me, leaving me feeling sad that I'm not more present in their lives right now.

I did mention the international travel piece, right?  I begin in Prague, graduate in Berlin, then head to Barcelona for R & R.  I'm not complaining about any of this.  It's just a lot to prepare for when my head is spinning like a top.

Add to this my control freakish nature and you have a head exploding in the near future.

To "help" my kids while I'm away, I usually make a calendar and put important information on it: my departure and arrival dates, camp dates, when to water the plants, remember to feed the dogs, those kind of things.  My daughter usually checks off the days.  I do think it helps her cope (although I purposefully schedule both kids super busy so they don't think about me being out of the country), but it also helps me feel like I have some control over things while I'm away.  Look, I made a calendar!  It's almost like I'm there!

All of this is to say, dear readers, I'm sorry that I've been neglectful and . . . get ready for two-and-a-half more weeks of neglect.  I'll post a photo of me with my graduate hood when I get back.  Then expect some changes around here.  I'm hoping to post more often and change the look of the blog with the help of cool designer I will be hiring.

Until then, wish me luck and ciao (because I have no clue how to say see you later in Czech)!