Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why I Love The Snow


In Louisville we call it "snowcapolypse." In Colorado and Maine they call it Tuesday.

My hometown was hit with the first major snow storm of 2015 on Sunday night. The snow began late that night and continued throughout the day yesterday. Roads, homes, and trees were draped in white. It's lovely, really. Because I love the snow and the winter. Everything quiets down and becomes sleepy. The only colors are the black of buildings buried under the white of snow. Occasionally, a red cardinal pops into view, the miracle of its feathers spark a moment of life and energy into the scenery until it flies away.

Most of my friends complain about the snow every winter, even though we are never hit as hard as the East Coast or mountain states. They complain about the cold, the wet drifts, the slow traffic, the dirty remains of the melted snow. They celebrate snow days with the kids until they have to return to work and the kids are still off and they scramble for child care or until they get cabin fever and need a break from the kids.

Not me. I love it.

I fantasize about a writing retreat in the mountains blanketed in snow. When I tell my husband this, he cringes. Our ADD presents very different. He needs constant stimuli: noise, movement, dialogue, internet. When we first started dating and I was over at his condo a lot, I would follow him from room to room turning off all of his electronics: radio, television, lights, computer. I crave the silence to unrattle my brain, to unpack the ideas and let them stretch, to move in slower motion than my everyday busy self.

And so I love the snow. It forces me to stop.

Slow down. Think.

I hope it doesn't melt too quickly. Maybe I'll get an hour or two of writing in while the kids sled if I'm lucky.