Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tween Room Twansition Twainwreck

I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but I have a middle-schooler living in my house. My little chubby cheeked girl is now a lithe sixth grader attending middle school orientation as I speak. And, as most maturing girls require, my daughter is not having all of that baby stuff in her room anymore. No sir, it's out with the Pillow Pet and in with . . . oh my God, what?!

At the end of the school year, I promised my daughter we would convert her room into a middle school "pad." I borrowed this idea from my highly organized friend First Laura, who transformed her son's room in what seemed like a weekend with some really fun and grown-up touches (hanging clipboards to organize, being my fave). What I didn't realize when I made this promise was: a.) how much my daughter would obsess about this project, and b.) how much I would obsess about this project. My daughter now has 50 pins on her "Cool Rooms" Pinterest board. I have 134 pins on my "Girl's (Not Girly) Room" board. Clearly, we have lost it.

When I say that I'm obsessing over this room project, I think you need to know what that looks like:
  1. I spend all of my free time looking at Pinterest for inspiration.
  2. Or ModCloth, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, Land of Nod, Target, Urban Outfitters,  . . . .
  3. I show or share all of my pins with my daughter when we are supposed to be listening to my husband read The Lightning Thief at bedtime.
  4. I make a decision about, say, a rug; then, I completely change my mind, as in, "The rug should so be a navy and white striped, flat weave 5x7. Wait, no, wrong. The rug should so be an orangey-red braided, 8x10 deal."
  5. I wake in the morning panicked about throw pillows.
My daughter, in the mean time, has been clearing out her room, putting things in boxes, creating give-away piles and throw-away bags. Why? Because, if the first mistake I made was promising to create the new room, the second mistake was saying, "Sure, I'll paint the walls while you're in camp." Guess when she's in camp?

I'm running out of time! 

This is all cause for anxiety for an ADD mom; however, I'm trying to break it down into manageable chunks, like every ADD counselor in history recommends. I bought paint samples and plan to slap on some color this morning before my chauffeur duties commence. We found a new comforter . . . and it's on sale! And we're looking at the calendar to find a good day to go to IKEA. All manageable. 

I actually really enjoy creating living spaces. I think the anxiety comes from wanting my girl to be happy with the results, and making time as well as finding the money to make all of these changes. I'm trying to utelize my creative thinking and urges to recycle and repurpose for the budget (plus, I've found some great deals!) and I'm forcing myself to use my planner to schedule time. 

I'm also practicing a lot of deep breathing.

Once we are done, I will post photos!

Have you ever taken on a project like this, whether it's redecorating or organizing, and felt completely overwhelmed? How did you work through it? What were your challenges and triumphs? Please share!

-- Amy