The ADDled 411

Welcome to my addled life.  My name is Amy M. Miller and I am an attention-challenged parent who has learned a few things about what to do and many more about what not to do when parenting young children and trying to maintain everyone's sanity.  Hopefully, my successes and failures will help you or at least allow you to nod in recognition, or maybe just laugh at my mishaps.  If you have ADD and young children, read on my friends.  I also have two ridiculous dogs and a husband who is working on his Grizzly Adams impersonation.

Most of my blog posts discuss ADD and/or parenting, but because I'm a writer (I write freelance features articles, essays, poetry, and have begun a children's middle grade book) sometimes I ramble about ideas and incidents that pique my interest.

To read some of my news articles and essays, please visit my Publications page or my work-in-progress author site: